Successful Entrepreneur Shane Latham

I am always looking for new and innovative things to blog about. I think I have found a really cool idea. Shane Latham a very successful entrepreneur has really done it this time. His recent success with NgameTV has spring boarded him into the market for making things easier for clients. His newest adventure is a cost effective and innovative solution for a problem that faces many projects now days. Before his new company that he has very fittingly named, Octofilms, producers and directors were paying thousands of dollars for helicopters or airplanes to catch aerial footage. Mr. Latham is offering a solution to this budget problem.

Octofilms is an aerial videography company that uses a remote control helicopter to catch beautiful shots for its many clients. I know that sounds very simple, but when you see the copter that Mr. Latham constructed all by himself it will blow you away. I got the opportunity to sit down with him this week and look at this amazing invention.

Here is my interview with Mr. Latham.

John: Mr. Latham after your success with NgameTV what made you change courses and build this helicopter?

Shane: I love the film industry and having produced several of my own productions, I know how hard it is to stay on budget. When you need those aerial shots you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. We can come in much lower than the other guys and give you what you are looking for.

John: How difficult was it to put together this copter?

Shane: I have to be honest, this was not easy. I have never soldered before and there were extensive amounts of soldering that I had to do. Everything you see there I put together. It only took about a week to do so. The day that I got it I set out to do it no matter what it took.

John: Do you have the ability to travel to a client?

Shane: Absolutely! This helicopter is very versatile and can go just about anywhere. I can break it down and travel anywhere a client may need me to go. Our headquarters is in Burbank, CA, but that does not mean we only work here.

John: For more information what is the website that people can go to?

Shane: Our website is There is a contact us link there. Click on that link and leave your request there and we will contact you within 24 hours. Just make sure you leave detailed message with all contact info.

Thank you Shane for your time and attention. It has definitely been a pleasure!


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