Aerial Videography Company By Shane Latham

There is a new phenomenon that has recently started in the film industry. It is aerial videography. Unfortunately this can be very expensive. Until now the only way to get aerial shots was to rent a helicopter or airplane this was proving to be very time consuming and not cost effective. Producers found themselves looking for the best way to get that perfect shot. It was beginning to seem impossible until Octofilms came along.

Octofilms is an aerial videography company started by Shane Latham. Octofilms uses a helicopter with eight rotors to power itself. Mr. Latham and his crew strap a Canon 5D camera to this helicopter and are able to capture beautiful footage. The range of the copter is up to a mile high. With this new technology, producers are able to keep their costs down all while getting top quality video.

What services do Octofilms offer? Octofilms offer aerial videography for weddings, film, commercials, real estate, and various other video services. Not only do they film it for you, but also they will use state of the art editing equipment and take your footage right into postproduction. They will also incorporate your brand into the videos as needed.

Where is Octofilms located? Octofilms is based out of Burbank, CA. They have the capability to be at any location due to the versatility of their equipment. Mr. Latham and his crew are able to pack up their helicopter and camera and arrive at your location ready to film. The helicopter is compact and can be very quickly set up and ready to film.

How long can the helicopter stay in the air filming? The octocopter battery will last 10 to 12 minutes. Mr. Latham has several batteries that he can switch out. The usual shoot can last up to 1 hour with all the batteries that he has. The process of switching batteries can be completed in a matter of minutes. He has the ability to charge the dead batteries on location to extend the shoot.

How can someone contact Octofilms? You can go to for information. You can also email and one of the representatives will contact you in regards to your request. To book a shoot, go to the website and submit a request and they can be at your next event.

How did Octofilms start up? Shane Latham a very successful entrepreneur from Burbank, CA and former CEO of NgameTV decided that he wanted to save producers and directors tons of money. He has always been an avid lover of all RC products. So it just made sense to help the industry that he loves so much with this amazing idea.

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