Successful Entrepreneur Shane Latham

I am always looking for new and innovative things to blog about. I think I have found a really cool idea. Shane Latham a very successful entrepreneur has really done it this time. His recent success with NgameTV has spring boarded him into the market for making things easier for clients. His newest adventure is a cost effective and innovative solution for a problem that faces many projects now days. Before his new company that he has very fittingly named, Octofilms, producers and directors were paying thousands of dollars for helicopters or airplanes to catch aerial footage. Mr. Latham is offering a solution to this budget problem.

Octofilms is an aerial videography company that uses a remote control helicopter to catch beautiful shots for its many clients. I know that sounds very simple, but when you see the copter that Mr. Latham constructed all by himself it will blow you away. I got the opportunity to sit down with him this week and look at this amazing invention.

Here is my interview with Mr. Latham.

John: Mr. Latham after your success with NgameTV what made you change courses and build this helicopter?

Shane: I love the film industry and having produced several of my own productions, I know how hard it is to stay on budget. When you need those aerial shots you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. We can come in much lower than the other guys and give you what you are looking for.

John: How difficult was it to put together this copter?

Shane: I have to be honest, this was not easy. I have never soldered before and there were extensive amounts of soldering that I had to do. Everything you see there I put together. It only took about a week to do so. The day that I got it I set out to do it no matter what it took.

John: Do you have the ability to travel to a client?

Shane: Absolutely! This helicopter is very versatile and can go just about anywhere. I can break it down and travel anywhere a client may need me to go. Our headquarters is in Burbank, CA, but that does not mean we only work here.

John: For more information what is the website that people can go to?

Shane: Our website is There is a contact us link there. Click on that link and leave your request there and we will contact you within 24 hours. Just make sure you leave detailed message with all contact info.

Thank you Shane for your time and attention. It has definitely been a pleasure!

Aerial Videography Company By Shane Latham

There is a new phenomenon that has recently started in the film industry. It is aerial videography. Unfortunately this can be very expensive. Until now the only way to get aerial shots was to rent a helicopter or airplane this was proving to be very time consuming and not cost effective. Producers found themselves looking for the best way to get that perfect shot. It was beginning to seem impossible until Octofilms came along.

Octofilms is an aerial videography company started by Shane Latham. Octofilms uses a helicopter with eight rotors to power itself. Mr. Latham and his crew strap a Canon 5D camera to this helicopter and are able to capture beautiful footage. The range of the copter is up to a mile high. With this new technology, producers are able to keep their costs down all while getting top quality video.

What services do Octofilms offer? Octofilms offer aerial videography for weddings, film, commercials, real estate, and various other video services. Not only do they film it for you, but also they will use state of the art editing equipment and take your footage right into postproduction. They will also incorporate your brand into the videos as needed.

Where is Octofilms located? Octofilms is based out of Burbank, CA. They have the capability to be at any location due to the versatility of their equipment. Mr. Latham and his crew are able to pack up their helicopter and camera and arrive at your location ready to film. The helicopter is compact and can be very quickly set up and ready to film.

How long can the helicopter stay in the air filming? The octocopter battery will last 10 to 12 minutes. Mr. Latham has several batteries that he can switch out. The usual shoot can last up to 1 hour with all the batteries that he has. The process of switching batteries can be completed in a matter of minutes. He has the ability to charge the dead batteries on location to extend the shoot.

How can someone contact Octofilms? You can go to for information. You can also email and one of the representatives will contact you in regards to your request. To book a shoot, go to the website and submit a request and they can be at your next event.

How did Octofilms start up? Shane Latham a very successful entrepreneur from Burbank, CA and former CEO of NgameTV decided that he wanted to save producers and directors tons of money. He has always been an avid lover of all RC products. So it just made sense to help the industry that he loves so much with this amazing idea.

Shane Latham and his gaming industry

In 2009, I had the pleasure of working with a highly motivated individual named Shane Latham. I worked with Shane on a project called UFragtv. I edited multiple segments for him and he was a great client. I am a huge gamer and had the pleasure of going to multiple events with Shane. The level of professionalism that Mr. Latham and his crew showed while at these events was very impressive.

I was definitely impressed by the equipment that Mr. Shane Latham and his crew used, as it is definitely not cheap equipment. It made my job much easier working with such a professional team. The reason I am writing this is I am so excited to announce that I will have the pleasure of working with Mr. Latham again in 2013! There isn’t much that I can go into right now about this project, but be prepared for some amazing videos and shows coming your way.

Shane and I will be announcing more about this project soon. Keep your eyes and ears open. As a gamer it is always a pleasure to work with Mr. Latham. His passion in the gaming industry radiates through his work. This industry needs more people like him. He is someone who listens to what the gaming community needs and wants. I am so excited to bring our talents together to produce what the gamers are looking for. 

I am always open to suggestions from gamers in the industry so if there is something in particular you would like to see please feel free to reach out to me or Mr. Latham and we will do our best to make that happen. We will also be looking for talented individuals to participate in our project so if you know highly talented and motivated individuals please keep me in mind. I have been in the video industry for the past 6 years, and I have worked with several companies. One of the best experiences of my career was working with Shane Latham.

Before working with him I was able to watch several shows that Mr. Shane Latham produced and I was very impressed. His content is engaging and the way that they community gets involved via live chat is so fun. Live events are definitely were Mr. Latham shines. Before working with him I had very little experience in live video, but Mr. Latham gave me a chance and alongside him I was able to learn the necessities that I needed to thrive in the live entertainment world. 

Since working for Shane I have been given a lot of opportunities all directly related to the knowledge I picked up from working with him. So to say I am excited to work with him again is an understatement. 2013 is going to be an exciting year for us. We will start production on this new project in January. The press release will soon follow. That is pretty much all that I can let slip right now! But all I can say is be prepared and game on!!